Dark Horse Giveth Again! Free Spike Comic, Anyone?

I couldn’t resist cutting and pasting last month’s post a little, because what do I need to say besides the following?

“Comics! Free! Limited time only! All Hail Dark Horse!”

Spike is waiting for you! In a sense.

The second Dark Horse Digital Retailer Exclusive is here! I’m writing as quickly as I can, because I promised myself I wouldn’t read it until I post about it.

Pick up a coupon from the store (I know we’ve had at least one call about them already, so if that was you, please call again! We’re all set and ready to distribute).

THINGS TO NOTE: we only have 100 codes to distribute.

Okay, 99 codes.

(Look, I need it, okay? I know I should always strive for selfless devotion to our customers and their reading pleasure, but there’s selfless and then there’s just CRAZY. This is Jane Espenson we’re talking about, people! With Georges Jeanty! Writing Spike! Don’t make me beg!)

THE OTHER THING: You have to redeem them by the end of August! If you’re as bad with time as I am (SO BAD) this means you should HURRY and pick it up soon.

See this week’s announcement on the Dark Horse blog for more info, or the original announcement from our generous friends at Dark Horse for the full scoop.

Come get yourself a code, and then:

REDEEM IT at http://digital.darkhorse.com/retailerexclusive

Comics! Free! Limited time only! All Hail Dark Horse!

(Now go away! I’m done writing! I need to read some Buffy comic goodness!)

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