MYSTERY: what happened to Linda Medley’s name?

(EDITED 11-18: I asked and got a response! See bottom)


The new volume of Castle Waiting (brilliant/beautiful/so much fun) is out today from Fantagraphics, but what the heck? Writer/artist Linda Medley is identified only as copyright holder in the indicia and via a sticker on the back. Seriously? A sticker?

No name on front cover, spine or title page, and I grabbed Volume One to compare–it has all three.

It gets weirder: check out Fantagraphics’ new releases post for this week. As of this writing, every book but Medley’s is listed with an author credit. Hers is missing.

Seriously, WTF?
Anyone know what the deal is?

ETA: I decided to ask, and I got an answer! Of sorts. I have to start by thanking the fantagraphics folks for responding, which was gracious of them when they could’ve just ignored me. But the mystery remains! I love the book and the company, so I hope there’s nothing bad at the bottom of this, but for the same reasons I still want to know what I’m buying and who I’m supporting when I tell people to buy the new Castle Waiting. (We sold out of Volume One yesterday because I kept recommending Volume Two to the uninitiated!)

My twitter exchange with Fantagraphics

My twitter exchange with Fantagraphics

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