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20 years ago today…

..I left a perfectly good job to sell comic books. Jeez I can still see the look on my Dads face. Not pretty! However, here I am many moons later,  wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks to all the fine folks … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Tactile Habit

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive, other than bathroom requests is, “Aren’t you afraid of digital comics putting you out of business?” Well, no. Actually I think digital comics conversely HELP the comic retailer. Let’s face it, the accessibility to comics in LA is awesome, however for Little Johnny in Podunk, Nowhere, his only option may be to download comics (stay with me here), also frequent travelers, commuters and the like may now carry their e-comic with them, without fear of moisture or the unholy creased corner, egad! Continue reading

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