New Digital! DC’s New 52 Sophomore Editions, Week Two and Image Comics Same-Day Digital


Image Comics has gone day-and-date digital! So this week I’m including them below my regular DC links. What do you guys think?

It’s official, DC has followed through on their pricing plan, so the Week One #1s (and later today the Week Two #1s) are priced a dollar below their prices at launch. That means most of the new 52 issues will be $1.99 digitally, or you can drop us an e-mail and we’ll put aside a second print for you.

(Editorial comment: Boy, I have never been so glad to see second printings. Between those and Paul’s magic restocking powers, we’re almost done with the lists we made for you guys during last month’s sellouts!)


(Editorial comment: Batwoman! Frankenstein! Demon Knights! Week Two rules.)

Batgirl #2

Batman and Robin #2

Batwoman #2

Deathstroke #2

Demon Knights #2

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #2

Green Lantern #2

Grifter #2

Legion Lost #2

Mister Terrific #2

My Greatest Adventure #1

Resurrection Man #2

The Shade #1

Suicide Squad #2

Superboy #2


And we now have Image going same-day digital as well, if I have my info right, so try out these links this afternoon:

Blue Estate #6

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Liberty Annual 2011 #4

Morning Glories #13

Pigs #2

Who Is Jake Ellis? #5

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