Free Comic Book Day 2011 Wrap-up: and Lo, Stories Shall Be Told of This Day

EDITED TO ADD even more pictures!

Phew! We are all still exhausted from a truly magical Free Comic Book Day yesterday. We can’t thank you all enough for joining us, and of course our deepest gratitude goes out to our special guests, Sherm Cohen, Tom Kenny, Walter Koenig (with his new comic, “Things to Come”) and Reed Lackey (writer, “The Mis-Adventures of Adam West”). We couldn’t have asked for more generous, gracious, energetic folk (Tom Kenny=the Energizer Bunny?).

We also have to thank Lake Street Creamery, although I am a little mad at them for being dangerously delicious (ice cream every day is healthy, right?).

Between the guests, the comic-loving multitudes who celebrated with us, the free comics and the incredibly delicious ice cream, I would suspect I imagined the whole beautiful day, but no! It was real! I’ve found proof!

UPDATED: Check out our FCBD Gallery on Facebook!

We snuck a few pictures in and posted them to our brand-new Twitter account, @HoS_Burbank (see the feed for individual links, or the full gallery here):

Holy surprise special guest, Batman! @reedlackey now signing the mis-advenutres of Adam West in store!Walter Koenig is here! #FCBD just keeps getting better!Priceless moments: Tom Kenny and Sherm Cohen at House of Secrets for Free Comic Book DayBest day ever! #FCBDHey everyone, The mighty Thor just brought down the hammer on free comic book day!@shermcohen and Tom Kenny signing books on a beautiful free comic book day! Come on down!Hooray! It's free comic book day!


Josie Campbell from CBR was on the scene and captured some indelible images:

And check out these pictures from a few of our friends:!/BellaFeFilms/status/66930779896283136!/jay_benton/status/66947853586669569!/DerrickJWyatt/status/67084328097689600!/ShermCohen/status/67101247706112000

If you have more pictures from the event or stories to share, we’d love to know about ‘em! Send them to “houseofsecretsburbank” at gmail dot com, or post a link here.

One more great big “thank you” from the House of Secrets family to all of you who came out yesterday, and if you couldn’t join us, don’t worry… it’s less than a year until FCBD 2012!

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