Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Seem to Make a Top Ten List

10.  On the mornings I get to work before 10:57 am, I’m usually inputting all of the Previews catalogues for our long list of loyal patrons (well, friends really).  They diligently turn in their order forms every month and receive a 25% discount off of their comics, graphic novels, and just about anything else Diamond has to offer (except DVDs and a few toys, the cheap bastards).

9.  Once home, I’m usually reading either Scooby-Doo or Tiny Titans with my 5-year-old son; but we have thankfully been able to move on to some Tin Tin lately– Recommended reading: The Black Island.

8.  Wednesday mornings usually give only a 10 to 15 minute window for the latest issue of The Boys or The Walking Dead, the only two books I seem to not be able to let slip by.

7.  If I manage to remember to grab a couple of books before I leave on Wednesday night (Ernesto, two more over here, please!) it’s either the latest Hellboy one/two-shot, or better still the Unwritten so I don’t look too stupid when Amy asks me, “What did you think of that issue?  Wasn’t it awesome!”

6.  Anniversary weekend getaway a few months ago had me laying in bed laughing my ass off to Afrodisiac.  Jim Rugg, I love you.  My wife hates us both.  (Sorry, Monica…)

5.  Spent this last week in Mammoth.  Took a day trip to Bodie, the mining boomtown now turned ghost town.  Took plenty of pics and found inspiration for our next issue of Five Color Comics, Romance Round-up.

4.  Realised the “next issue” I just referred to is our third issue.  Unfortunately, issue #2 isn’t even out yet.  Even though it’s chock full of war and another beautiful Kala & GoGo story by none other than Rodolphe Guenoden, I spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation, then cry without sound.

3.  Buck up and blow my nose making sure my kids don’t see me cry and see the latest copy of Criminal, The Sinners, sitting on the dining room table.  Start thinking about our own crime comic with some amazing art by Ed LaRoche and Marc Sandroni, and only wish I could write like Brubaker.  Cry some more.

2.  Went to San Diego for Comic-Con!  Well, just for one day, Thursday…see what I mean.  (Sorry we missed your Walking Dead panel, Frank, but thanks for mentioning us!)

And the #1 reason I can’t make a Top Ten List:  I get to about here and can’t think of anything else…

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